The ripple effect

“There is a hunger stirring for healthy relationships. To see renewing of minds and transformation take place is so exciting! The confidence in couples is growing and a number of them are going on to share what revelations they have received. The ripple effect is real!” This ripple effect started when Mark & Odette Clayton […]

Really Together

We have always felt that we have a close relationship; we talk a lot and share our concerns and responsibilities together. This year we took on the challenge of running a ‘Together’ group. This should be fairly straight forward, we thought. In some ways yes, it has been as we have found ourselves having conversations […]

150 years Together

Take four couples. One newlywed couple, two couples who have recently celebrated a quarter century together and an inbetweener couple married for fourteen years. Add some great materials i.e. Mark and Christine’s Together group workbooks, a few glasses of wine and what do you have? A powerful recipe for strengthening togetherness, apparently. Our Together group […]

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