Together – what do you do?

bw_79090You could complete this study alone with your partner, but it is designed to be used in a small group of four or five couples for maximum learning benefit, including accountability (if desired). Together is not ‘group therapy’ or embarrassing revelations! Each session covers a separate topic and includes discussion questions appropriate for a group setting (sample pages from session 1). Private issues are kept for couples to discuss at a separate ‘Couple Time’ between the sessions.

There is an Introductory Session which allows couples to give it a try and decide if it’s for them.

Each group will have a leader couple to organise meetings and facilitate the discussions. Learn more about leading a group.

Who is it for?

Together is suitable for couples who have been married for one year or many, or they may be remarried following the death of or divorce from a partner. It’s also suitable for engaged couples. This resource is for Christians (whatever their spiritual maturity) and non-Christians.

Together is structured as follows:

You will begin each evening with an informal time of hospitality (e.g. 7 – 8pm). This could be a simple meal or coffee and pudding. It’s a great time for people to get to know each other.

Following on is the Group Session of 100 minutes (e.g. 8.00 – 9.40pm) which is designed to stimulate discussion on the topic and Scripture (sample pages for a Group Session). From time to time there is a chance for everyone to prepare for ‘Couple Time’. This is an opportunity for people to capture personal insights from the discussion which are the basis for a private Couple Time (see an example).

A Couple Time of 60 minutes is completed privately at a time between the group meetings to discuss and apply what is relevant to your marriage with specific ‘action points’ (see an example).

There is no written preparation for group meetings but you are asked to complete the Introductory Reading (5-10 minutes) to set up the topic before you come (see an example).

The time and place you meet is up to you but we recommend that you meet every two weeks with flexibility for holiday periods.

The Bible and Together

Together uses the Bible as its basis. The sessions will help you discover what the Bible has to say about marriage and relationships. You will be able to experience for yourself the application and value of it for your own marriage.

Why use the Bible? The Bible is special because it is ‘God-breathed’. The word for God-breathed is literally translated as ‘inspired by God’. The authors from Moses to John are human but the consistent source and inspiration is God’s Holy Spirit.

When buying a car we refer to the manufacturer’s handbook to help maintain it in good working order. Although as humans we aren’t put together on a factory assembly line, we are designed and given life by God. What better manual for dealing with issues of life and relationships than instructions from our creator? Furthermore, the Bible isn’t just a manual for life or a rule-book, but words from a loving God, who wants to have a relationship with us. To read and learn from it can be life-changing.

Engaged couples

Pillow FightTogether is designed for married couples but is suitable for engaged couples and will help you learn about marriage God’s way and lay a lasting spiritual foundation for your relationship.

The phrases in the workbook refer to those who are already married and so you will need to make allowances for that. We do not propose to give you a completely rewritten study but there are certain sessions where some adaptation is helpful and these changes are available as a download in our downloads section.

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